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We Are Airtime Media – The Guaranteed TV and Radio Advertising Experts

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

If you are a business owner trying to grow, you are constantly asking yourself this question: “How can I use my marketing dollars in a way that can literally generate hundreds or thousands of leads a week at a price that I can make money?” Not many Radio and TV Stations and companies can guarantee results. At Airtime Media, we do! This gives you an absolute advantage in marketing and controls your ROI.

Many advertising firms claim that they offer the best strategies to advertise your products and services. But not all can surpass a long-standing agency with over 40 years of experience in providing GUARANTEED calls and leads that can convert to potential sales. This is what Airtime Media is known for. We are the “Guaranteed TV and Radio Advertising Experts,” who are still successfully servicing clients for the past 4 decades now.

If you spend a good amount of money on advertising, with the purpose of getting your phones to ring, read on. If you are constantly thinking of ways on how to get more leads for your business, here are some simple strategies we have to help you get there:

1. What is your service area?

Are you ready to go national? If you can take calls on a national level, you are the perfect client for Airtime Media. We deliver guaranteed leads, results, and revenue for advertisers; TV and radio media buyers; and businesses that sell their services over the phone on a national level. If you service a handful of states, we can buy media time for you without a guarantee but using the same media management strategy. All of this can be done on Radio and TV in English or Spanish.

2. Creating the right ad to hit your target audience.

We want the phones to ring for you. Crafting the right Direct Response Radio or TV Commercial is an art. It’s been said that on any given day 3-5% of the market is buying what you have to sell. So, your ad needs to only be talking to that 3-5%. With Airtime Media’s 40 years of Direct Response Marketing experience and time-tested commercial quality, we will write commercials that reach your customers when they are buying. And this is done every day in English and Spanish.

3. Where to advertise?

Our specialty is Radio and Television advertising. It’s a very cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Placing radio ads has the advantage of being able to hit a targeted segment of the population that’s mobile. The nice thing about radio is that it spreads the word of mouth advertising like no other media. With radio, you get your message right in the consumers’ head. If they like it, they create their own pictures in their mind. TV also allows you to reach consumers with a strong combined audio and visual message in the comfort of their own homes. Plus, with TV and Radio, consumers grant a certain level of credibility to you. Since they assume it is expensive, you must be a big credible company. Airtime Media launches dozens of marketing campaigns every month through Radio & TV commercials. We’ve created thousands of successful Direct Impact Radio and TV commercials over the past 40 years in English and Spanish. And we have hundreds of million dollars testing and perfecting results in the process.

4. Pay for leads at a fixed price and control your ROI.

Many entrepreneurs mistake advertising as expensive and risky. Or they spend too much testing different media –by their gut. Airtime Media solves this dilemma by selling you calls from TV and Radio at a fixed cost per call basis. Each price is negotiated based on each client’s specific needs and ROI metrics. Once that’s done we make it our job to get you quality calls that turn into revenue for you. We can offer you a bulletproof way to make this part of your advertising budget profitable. We perform, you get calls and leads, you make money and we get paid. This is what we call a mutually beneficial partnership!

5. Get your team ready for 1,000 to 10,000+ calls a week!

Airtime Media helps business owners to generate profitable phone calls through Radio and TV advertising. We start slow and grow. We do this by developing TV and Radio commercials that will motivate customers to call you when they are ready to buy. Then we keep adding more and more profitable media. We attempt to scale your program as high as you want to take it. We hope as a result of this entire process of working with us, we can impact other parts of your business through our nuts and bolts practical process.

We Are Airtime Media – The Guaranteed TV and Radio Advertising Experts. We will help you spend your advertising dollars on advertising methods that bring in customers.

Be updated with more tips and strategies on ways to increase your advertising effectiveness and make more money. Let alone, learn how to make your advertising pay for itself. To get started, you may send us your details in this LINK.

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