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Advertising & Lead Generation

At Airtime Media, we deliver leads, results, and revenue for advertisers, tv media buyers, radio media buyers, and other media properties, and alike. If you’re a station or other media company, we’ll turn your unsold inventory into new dollars of advertising, and if you’re an advertiser, Airtime Media will get you new leads at a guaranteed price. We make it our job to get quality telephone calls that turn into real dollars.

We give you more than 40 years of per-inquiry experience and a network of more than 2,000 stations from coast to coast. We are a major player in the lead generation room for radio and television and today we invite you to work with us to help make more money for you.

How Airtime Media Can Help Your Business Grow

President and Founder Abe Tatosian welcomes you to work with a company that’s all about helping your business make money on the Radio and TV lead generation space.

Your Lead Generation Experts

Abe “the Radio Man” Tatosian, with more than 40 years in the business, knows exactly what your business needs to get those calls up and sales flowing freely. Contact our team of experts if you own a company, radio media buyers, tv media buyers or are a high-level worker who doesn’t want to waste your time on outbound calls. We guarantee that advertisements will provide you with eligible leads and an impressive ROI.

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