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The Impact Of TV Ads On Consumer Buying Behavior

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Even amid the relentless rise of digital advertising media, television reigns over the diversifying platforms. In a survey conducted in October 2021, 50% of US advertisers said that video is the most profitable and beneficial media type in hitting business goals, with 47% believing that TV takes the top spot – a notch lower than digital video’s 46%. Several big-name brands also acknowledge TV’s supremacy in achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout the marketing funnel.

Indeed, TV is indispensable for tapping broader audiences and creating comprehensive brand awareness. Marketers can design TV commercials to reach all demographic groups or target a specific section, making their advertising efforts more practical and increasing their return on ad spend (ROAS). With these capabilities, TV advertising can drive sales more efficiently and improve data collection to measure its impact on consumer buying behavior. Let’s take a deeper dive into TV advertising’s effectiveness and impact on the market’s purchase practices.

Why Is TV Advertising Still Effective?

Effectiveness of TV Advertising in Testing, Messaging, and Retention

Over the years, television commercials have proven their merits and claimed their place in the hall of fame of advertising. Here are some reasons why TV advertising remains a powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy.

Low-cost ad testing. Broadcast and linear TV commercials extend to a massive audience of varying ages, genders, races, and localities. Data obtained from these campaigns can effectively optimize advertising strategies for better audience alignment and targeting. It is an efficient way of testing ad effectiveness without shelling out more dollars for sophisticated tracking tools and processes.

Entertainment and information. 34% percent of surveyed internet users consider TV the most entertaining and eye-catching medium for advertisements. That is a far cry from social media’s 17%, websites’ 14%, and email marketing’s 9%. Moreover, 30% of consumers consider it one of the most informative platforms, second only to email marketing at 31%.

Brand retention. Among the four platforms mentioned above, TV commercials are seen as the least intrusive form of advertising, with only 13% of internet users thinking so. Coupled with being voted the most memorable, diverse, and one of the most helpful, TV ads have a higher chance of developing loyal customers through brand awareness campaigns.

How Does TV Advertising Influence Consumers?

Correlation Between TV Advertising and Consumer Buying Behavior

Consumer buying behavior is defined as the action and thought processes of people who purchase products and services. Understanding it plays a crucial role in enabling marketers to create their ads based on consumer needs and measuring their impact. Take a look at some of the many ways TV commercials impact consumer preferences.

Information. Raising awareness is the number one factor that influences consumer buying behavior. As one of the most informative media platforms, TV ads effectively reach a massive audience for your business and introduce your brand to more potential customers.

Interest. TV is held as the most effective trust driver for advertising. With its resilience and popularity, the medium is seen as a platform for the prestigious and authoritative. It is very reliable in generating consumer interest in your products or services through compelling content and memorable ads.

Action. 91% of consumers say that media platforms encourage them to take action on possible purchases – such as visiting a store, looking up website information, or contacting sales agents. TV won by a landslide, with 42% claiming it has the most direct-response impact. The runner-up, social media, got only 5%.

Purchase. Popular studies show that TV commercials influence, directly and indirectly, a potential customer’s willingness to pay for a product. It comes from the consumer perception of product quality that increases every time they see an ad. 40% of consumers admit that TV is undoubtedly the top influencer in their decision-making.

In A Nutshell

TV’s effectiveness remains unparalleled across all demographic groups, and it is still the most trusted medium. With a carefully crafted advertising strategy, you can turn your advertising dollars into the most profitable ad campaign you have ever experienced.

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