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With our established direct response radio, television, and digital advertising models, Airtime Media will deliver you more calls and better leads.


Abe Tatosian, president and founder, has run thousands of campaigns and maximized endless marketing budgets with cheap tv rates and radio rates.


Airtime Media will set up your entire customized Cost Per Call Campaign. From Creative to Tracking Phone Numbers, everything is included. All you do is pay the negotiated lead cost. We make it easy!


Yes, we guarantee your advertising will deliver the agreed amount of calls from Radio, Television, Direct Mail and Digital Sources. Not many media players will guarantee your adverting. We have for 20+ years. Call now to learn how we do it!

PI Advertising

Your Turnkey Solution for PI Advertising

PI is a term, meaning Per Inquiry. Commonly called Cost Per Call. Over the last 40 years, our system has produced millions of calls and dollars in lead revenue. We are always learning how to make out Guaranteed Advertising (PI Program) deliver stronger results for our clients. We will place you for FREE (PER CALL) on hundreds of TV Stations, Radio Stations, and Digital platforms.

Unsold Ad Time

Fill Unsold Ad Time with Airtime Media

Don’t lose money by leaving advertising inventory unsold. Sales Managers for stations, cable systems, syndicators, podcasters, networks, and newspapers can take advantage of Airtime Media’s strong direct response commercials and exclusive clients to run advertisements in their unsold inventory. Plus, you’ll also get weekly reports and monthly payments.

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Calls Sent to Clients This Week

$ 150000000+

Stations Revenue Paid to Date

OVER 40+

English and Spanish TV/Radio Ads


Weekly Reports in Your Inbox

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Airtime Media Radio Commercials
Airtime Media TV Commercials

Ready to Get Started?

Call Airtime Media today to get guaranteed leads for your business.
We look forward to do business with you.

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