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Radio Reigns Supreme On “Share of Ear” Despite Pandemic

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

An average American uses radio on a daily basis. But do you ever wonder how radio is being utilized on a typical day now that the world is on pandemic? According to the second quarter 2020 Share of Ear study released by Edison Research, the vast majority of Americans still listens to AM/FM radio. Despite the Coronavirus, AM/FM radio remains the nation’s leading audio platform with a 43% share of time spent with audio among persons 18 years of age and up. In fact, audio listening time increased during the pandemic as audiences stay inside their homes to look for sources of reliable information and entertainment.

Radio Supremacy

The latest report shows that AM/FM radio maintains its supremacy as the centerpiece of audio at all forms, as it leaves high gaps on share of time spent with audio as compared to the next 3 audio sources like YouTube music videos, owned music, and ad-free SiriusXM. While these 3 sources don’t carry commercials, the ad-supported sources like Pandora and Spotify placed way beneath AM/FM radio’s rank. The ad supported Pandora, grabbed a 4% share of ear which is 11 times below AM/FM radio’s share of ear. The ad-supported Spotify is at 3% share of ear which is swallowed 22 times more by AM/FM radio with towering 43% share of ear.

Ad-Supported Audio

According to Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer of Cumulus Media/Westwood One, in terms of audience shares for ad-supported audio, AM/FM radio still gets the highest rank at 76% share, leaving Podcasts, ad-supported Pandora, ad-supported SiriusXM, and ad-supported Spotify at the bottom spots. AM/FM radio’s leading position among ad-supported audio outlets spreads to all major demographics, including audiences from ages 18 to 64. Even among Millennials, AM/FM radio secured 3 times the share of ad-supported audio time spent as compared to other audio sources.

Road to Recovery

As we enter into the early stage of recovery from the pandemic, Americans are already going out and are back on the road, which caused traffic to double dramatically. With more vehicles on the road, broadcast radio continues to dominate. “AM/FM is the king and queen of the road with a stunning 87% share of ad-supported audio in the car,” Bouvard said.

He added that while a third of Americans are still highly concerned about the pandemic, they are beginning to get burned out about some of the COVID inspired advertising. As a matter of fact, more than 1 in 3 Americans (36%) said they are sick of ads that tackle the pandemic and the hackneyed phrase, “We’re all in this together.” Consumers are in fact more interested in ads that focus on the products and services, especially ads that promote discounts and provide information on COVID policies of stores to protect employees and customers.


In essence, whether at home, at work, or in transit, a majority of Americans who belong to different demographics from ages 18 to 64 years old, utilize AM/FM radio now more than ever. The broadcast radio has unrattled dominance in all forms of audio sources.

We at Airtime Media – Your Guaranteed Lead Generation Experts, recognize and have proven the power of radio to influence the majority of the American listeners. If you are a business owner, Airtime Media can help you take advantage of AM/FM radio dominance in share of ear to tap just the right market and drive sales for your business. If you are a radio station, Airtime Media can ensure to provide you with quality commercials in English and Spanish, that are suitable for your station’s target demographic and can drive revenue for your station.

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