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Overcoming Challenges in Per Inquiry Advertising Campaigns

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Overcoming Challenges in Per Inquiry Advertising Campaigns

Per inquiry (PI) advertising campaigns have gained significant attention in the marketing world, offering a unique and performance-based approach to advertising. These campaigns allow businesses to pay only for the desired outcome, such as qualified leads or sales, rather than traditional upfront costs. However, navigating the landscape of PI advertising is not without its challenges and difficulties, and advertisers must understand how to deal with them.

In this blog post, we will look at the intricacies of PI advertising's results-driven approach and offer various strategies for addressing them.

Five Common Challenges in PI Advertising

Per inquiry campaigns have their fair share of challenges that can undermine effectiveness. That’s why understanding and resolving them will make it easier for business owners to set their companies up for success in advertising.

Here are the seven most common challenges and how to successfully manage them to maximize ad potential:

1. Finding Reliable PI Partners

Collaborating with the right partners who can deliver high-quality leads or sales is crucial for the success of any PI campaign. However, identifying trustworthy and dependable partners in the vast landscape of advertising networks can be daunting. Furthermore, the consequences of partnering with unreliable or low-performing agencies can range from wasted resources to tarnished brand reputation.

What To Do: Businesses should explore reputable advertising networks specializing in PI campaigns. They must look for networks with a solid reputation, a wide range of industry connections, and a track record of success. Factors such as the network's experience, expertise, and the offers they promote must also be considered. These variables will assess whether their capabilities align with the campaign goals.

Additionally, businesses can assess individual affiliates and publishers specializing in generating quality leads or sales. Partners with experience in the specific industry or niche can provide access to the target audience. This may involve researching online, attending industry events, or leveraging professional networks to find trusted affiliates.

2. Managing Quality Control

Since PI campaigns revolve around paying for specific outcomes like qualified leads or sales, ensuring the quality of those outcomes becomes paramount. However, managing quality control can be complex, particularly when dealing with various advertising partners and sources. Poor quality management can result in wasted resources on low-quality results and missed growth and revenue generation opportunities.

What To Do: Businesses must establish clear guidelines and criteria that define what they consider a qualified lead or sale. This involves meticulously identifying the target audience, specifying the desired attributes of a lead or sale, and setting performance benchmarks. In addition, robust tracking mechanisms can help them trace each lead's origin and verify its validity.

3. Balancing Cost and Performance

While PI campaigns only pay for desired outcomes, businesses must carefully manage the expenses of obtaining such results without compromising performance. Companies must control costs to ensure the expenses incurred in acquiring leads align with their budgetary constraints. For instance, overspending on gathering outcomes may lower the campaign's profitability and overall efficacy.

What To Do: Testing and optimization strategies can help strike the right balance between cost and performance. By running A/B tests, businesses can experiment with different advertising approaches, targeting systems, and creatives to identify the most high-performing combinations. This iterative process allows them to refine their campaigns and make informed decisions on allocating resources.

4. Ensuring Compliance With Regulation Adherence

The advertising industry is subject to various regulations governing consumer protection, data privacy, truth in advertising, and fair competition. Non-compliance with these laws can result in penalties, fines, legal disputes, and damage to a business's reputation. Examples of such regulations include General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What To Do: Businesses must thoroughly research and stay updated on the regulatory landscape related to per inquiry advertising campaigns. This includes understanding regional, national, and international laws, industry-specific guidelines, and self-regulatory codes of conduct. Seeking legal counsel or consulting with experts can also provide valuable insights and guidance on specific requirements and best practices.

Furthermore, they must conduct regular audits and self-assessments to assess their compliance status. This involves reviewing advertising campaigns, data handling practices, and consumer disclosures to identify potential non-compliance areas. Addressing these issues promptly and implementing corrective measures reduce the risk of legal and reputational consequences.

5. Tracking and Measuring Campaign Performance

One of the challenges lies in accurately attributing leads or sales to specific advertising sources. Businesses work with multiple advertising partners and authorities, making it crucial to determine the contribution of each source. Another challenge is measuring the quality and value of the outcomes generated. They must define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) reflecting the desired outcomes' quality.

What To Do: Implementing marketing analytics platforms that aggregate data from different sources can streamline tracking and provide comprehensive insights into performance across channels. Moreover, tailoring tracking and measurement strategies to align with specific objectives allows businesses to focus on the metrics that directly impact the campaign's success.

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