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TV & Radio Stations

Are you looking to fill unsold advertising time? Airtime Media can help. We’ll help ensure you make money every month by selling your unsold inventory.

The Benefits of Airtime Media

Ideal for cable systems, networks, and syndicators for TV and radio stations alike, our media properties services offer you the following:

  • Dozens of screened clients and products available
  • Advertising in either English or Spanish, long-form or short form
  • All top-quality creative and solid payouts
  • The ability to run where you have open space
  • Proprietary lead tracking system to help you get credit for all leads
  • A weekly email report and a monthly payment recap so you can track revenue
  • Over 30,000 monthly payments made
  • Barter is also available

People You Can Work With

The key staff at Airtime Media has been in the sales end of radio or television for over 40 years; working in the field long before we started the company. We have been where you may be now – looking to make money on unsold time – and we know you want to deal with a company you can trust. Because we’re aware that you are giving us your key asset – your inventory, we respect that and will work to help make this a profitable long-term relationship.

Due to our stalwart belief in the business, we work with all forms of radio and TV outlets: stations, cable systems, networks, and syndication companies.

Call Airtime Media Today

We share your same vision and respect for the industry and look forward to maintaining a long profitable relationship with you. TV and radio stations, new and old, contact us online or call Airtime Media today at (888) 373-8463 to find out what we can do for you.