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Per Inquiry Radio & TV Advertising

Airtime Media offers all radio and television advertisers a guaranteed form of advertising called PI, or per-inquiry advertising. This type of advertising is ideal for advertisers who can manage phone-based sales leads across the country. In fact, those that invest in PI advertising see a fixed and profitable rate of response from their carefully-portioned ad dollars.

Turnkey PI Advertising

At Airtime Media, we’re a turnkey agency and do everything necessary to get you leads, including:

  • Write and produce your commercials
  • Provide the phone numbers
  • Set up the call center and tracking

And best of all, you get to take the lead on this simple and effective process.

Personalized Advertising for Your Goals

With Airtime Media, you can get free media and guaranteed leads. All lead pricing is negotiated per customer and is based on your own ROI objectives. Additionally, you pay for leads, not media time, which means there is no risk to you. And because our model is scalable – nationally, by region, or by state – you can get hundreds to thousands of calls per month.

The Leads Keep Coming

Your leads are delivered in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Live transfer from a call center after a prescreen
  • Direct phone patch with no call center screen
  • Leads sent via email

We can generate leads with English and Spanish advertisers in the US and in Canada.

Ready to Get Started?

Advertisers, call Airtime Media today at (888) 373-8463 to see a leap in your ROI. We look forward to doing business with you.